ZooZag – Online Classifieds

The homepage gives the user the opportunity to focus on searching for items, or browsing through categories or recently listed items. We also placed emphasis on the ability to post once, and promote everywhere.

Since classified listings tend to be a local thing, we made the search results list and map-driven. The user has the opportunity to enlarge or reduce the size of the map, as well as sort through various filters to find results.

In the posting process, we gave the user feedback on the number of steps it takes to finish. Starting off, they have to select a category and begin creating their listing.

iPhone Application


ZooZag.com is an online classifieds site. I spent a year on this project, working closely with an Information Architect, to design the interface for this Ruby on Rails-based application. The clients wanted an interface that was different from all other classifieds site: something fresh and fun. Another designer worked on the finished logo, and I helped construct the look and feel of the site wrapped around that element.


Tribune Company


Website, Application